Vu Introduces Affordable All-in-One Virtual Production Studio

Vu One is a turnkey virtual production studio.

Vu Technologies, a network of virtual studios, unveiled its latest innovation: Vu One. This groundbreaking, multipurpose ‘all-in-one’ studio makes virtual production accessible to all creatives regardless of budget and technical experience. Vu One makes virtual production simple, efficient and more affordable than ever before.

Virtual production, which uses technology to join the digital and physical worlds in real-time seamlessly, has reshaped how content is created and consumed. However, the complex technology and the significant investment required for owning and operating such studios have confined their access to a select few. Vu One solves this problem by making virtual production more attainable. 

A Turnkey Solution

Vu One’s turnkey solution condenses the power of virtual production into one straightforward, cost-effective system and combines the best hardware technologies with the latest creative software and tools. Powered by Virtual Studio, a suite of innovative tools including the generative content workflow, this all-in-one system instantly takes you from idea to the screen. 

Vu Studio screen in action.

“With Vu One, advanced production technologies are now available for everyone,” says Jonathan Davila, President and Co-Founder at Vu Technologies. “Whether you’re a small production company, an educator or a corporate marketing department, it’s never been easier to make content faster, cheaper and better.”

“Vu One unlocks the doors of virtual production for all visionaries seeking to bring their concepts to life,” adds Tim Moore, CEO of Vu Technologies. “Vu One is a transformational force, reshaping how creators manifest their visions into awe-inspiring realities.” 

Vu One is a transformational force, reshaping how creators manifest their visions into awe-inspiring realities.”

Tim Moore, CEO of Vu Technologies

Whether crafting narratives, simulating intricate environments, or designing immersive experiences, Vu One empowers storytellers of all backgrounds, including corporations, organizations, agencies, marketers, educators, designers, inventors, and more. 

A library of content is available.

Technical Details

Vu One combines the best capabilities of world-class virtual production studios into a single, easy-to-configure platform controlled by software from a mobile device. It operates seamlessly on a streamlined technology stack, regardless of screen size or setup, and comes integrated with five essential components: display, audio, tracking, media server and content management. Boasting a range of display options, Vu One sizes start at 16’ x 9’ to an expansive 45’ x 16’.

Vu One is available in different screen sizes.

And while the hardware is state-of-the-art, the real game-changer with Vu One is the software platform powering it. Running off of Virtual Studio by Vu, this comprehensive, integrated virtual production software suite includes innovative tools such as Scene ForgeRemote VP and, and industry-leading applications like Unreal Engine, Volinga,, and more. Virtual Studio also includes a robust marketplace of 3D and 2D assets, all “Certified for Virtual Production” and optimized to run on Vu One. 


Vu One starts at USD $5,600 per month for the base model. A complete system can be purchased outright for as low as USD $249,000 and comes with 2D and 3D options, including a media server powered by Puget Systems. Vu One configuration options include:

  • Vu One: A complete cinematic solution for high-resolution images and video playback
  • Vu One + 3D: Upgraded render engine for 3D virtual environments (Unreal Engine) with camera tracking.
  • Vu One Custom: Integration to an existing infrastructure and sizing of the LED wall to fit your space

Pre-orders for Vu One are now open, secured by a refundable deposit of USD $1,000.  Shipping commences in Q4 2023. 

About Vu Technologies 

Vu is North America’s largest network of virtual studios and an emerging force in shaping the growing virtual production market. With a creatively diverse and technologically forward-thinking team of experts, Vu blends art and science to redefine virtualization and unlock new ways to visualize the world. With an expanding global network of Vu-operated and affiliate studios, an evolving set of software tools, and a world-class team of creative storytellers, virtual artists, and technologists, Vu enables greater access to advanced virtual production technology. To learn more about Vu, please visit

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