A movie still from HIGH, shot on an LED volume.

Disguise’s Virtual Production Magic Shines in Indie Film HIGH and LA Rams AR Spectacle

Harnessing Technology for Creative Excellence

Disguise, the pioneering force behind immersive visual experiences for mega-events like Coachella, Beyoncé concerts, and more, continues to break new ground in technology-driven entertainment. In recent successes, disguise’s powerful RenderStream technology has left its mark not only on the grand stages of Los Angeles Rams games but also in the heart of independent cinema. Let’s delve into the magic of virtual production that disguise is conjuring on the football field and the silver screen.

The collaboration between the LA RAMS and Princess Cruises, powered by disguise.

A Grand Spectacle at LA Rams Games

Disguise recently unveiled its RenderStream technology to the world, and the stage couldn’t have been more spectacular—SoFi Stadium, home to the Los Angeles Rams. In partnership with Snapchat and Princess Cruises, and with creative genius from Meptik, disguise brought the Pacific Ocean to the football field during Rams games. 

Spectators witnessed a breathtaking transformation of the SoFi Stadium into a maritime wonderland, where Rams players surfed through a dynamic course amidst jet skis, sailboats, dolphins, and even a whale. The technology powering this spectacle, the disguise RenderStream, seamlessly merged the physical and virtual worlds, setting a new standard for in-stadium entertainment.

“AR offers highly impactful, immersive ways to enhance real-life experiences, and we’re thrilled to partner with disguise and showcase just that in our first-ever activation together. By leveraging disguise’s technology, Meptik’s creative and integration services, and Snap AR, we’re able to expand our capabilities to bring to life the wonders of Princess Cruises and offer truly innovative experiences to fans at all Rams home games this season,” says Konstantinos Papamiltiadis (KP), VP of Platform Partnerships at Snap Inc.

The collaboration between the LA RAMS and Princess Cruises, powered by disguise.

Disguise’s Chief Experience Officer, Alex Wills, adds, “We are thrilled to provide a truly unique marketing activation enhanced by AR for the LA Rams to engage their fans.”

HIGH – Indie Film Powered by Disguise

In the world of indie cinema, disguise is also making waves. The Philadelphia-based filmmakers Tisha Robinson-Daly and Jonathan Mason embarked on a journey with virtual production producer Ben Baker and MESH to test the possibilities of virtual production for their independent film, HIGH, inspired by the true story of a cellphone tower climber’s tragic demise in 2014.

A movie still from HIGH, shot with ROE and disguise.

Using disguise’s virtual production workflow and ROE LED panels at the disguise & ROE Visual Virtual Production Accelerator in Chatsworth, California, the filmmakers crafted mesmerizing shots of workers suspended high above the ground on cellphone towers. By utilizing the Unreal Engine toolset and the capabilities of virtual production, they designed sets, animated characters, and simulated camera angles, all while keeping costs under control.

The immersive LED volume allowed for realistic parallax effects and seamless blending of virtual backgrounds with practical foreground tower sets. “During the shoot, it was incredibly rewarding to see the disguise platform power the digital content seamlessly from shot to shot, take after take. The absence of any technical difficulties made for a collaborative creative environment where the art of filmmaking was unfolding in real-time,” says Addy Ghani, Vice President of Virtual Production at disguise.

Behind the scenes of HIGH, at the ROE/Disguise accelerator stage.

The two shoot days proved highly productive, capturing various shots under various lighting conditions. The result was a compelling proof-of-concept demonstrating virtual production’s safe and cost-effective potential for filmmakers. The project made its mark at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival’s Marché du Film/NEXT Global Summit on Virtual Production.

A New Era of Storytelling

The LA Rams AR experience and the indie film HIGH are testaments to disguise’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology-driven storytelling. From the grandeur of NFL stadiums to the intimacy of independent cinema, disguise’s virtual production solutions offer safe, efficient, and budget-friendly avenues for creators to explore and expand their storytelling horizons.

The view from a workstation on the set of HIGH.

As James J. Yi, one of the producers of HIGH, says, “Now that I understand what the volume can offer, I see it not as a replacement for filmmaking but as another tool that can enhance your filmmaking style.”

Now that I understand what the volume can offer, I see it not as a replacement for filmmaking but as another tool that can enhance your filmmaking style.

James J. Yi, one of the producers of HIGH,

Disguise’s journey continues, promising more innovative, immersive, and unforgettable experiences for audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for what’s next in the world of virtual production.

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Disguise bridges the physical and virtual gap by combining 3D visualization software, cloud solutions, platforms, hardware, and services. With disguise’s end-to-end ecosystem, creatives and technical teams can realize any creative vision, no matter the complexity. Recognized by the Financial Times as a 2022 Tech Hero, disguise is also a recipient of the Engineering, Science and Technology Emmy Award and Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

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Behind the scenes of HIGH, at the ROE/Disguise accelerator stage.

Disguise’s creative & technical services division, Meptik, focuses on virtual and immersive entertainment production services. Meptik’s team comprises prolific virtual artists, a skilled virtual production stage installation crew, volume operations, and immersive entertainment specialists who create audience-engaging experiences that bridge realities. 
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