Sony VERONA LED Panels in action on a virtual production stage.

Sony’s VERONA Crystal LED Displays: Redefining Virtual Production with Brompton and Megapixel VR

In the ever-evolving world of virtual production, innovation continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Sony Electronics, a pioneer in the field, has recently announced a groundbreaking development that promises to redefine the standards of virtual production technology. In their latest press release, Sony introduces the VERONA series of Crystal LED displays at 1.5mm and 2.3 mm, purpose-built to meet the exacting demands of virtual production applications, with an integral role played by Brompton Technology and Megapixel VR.

Sony VERONA LED panels used to capture a sci-fi scene.

A Technological Leap Forward

The VERONA series marks a significant leap forward in virtual production technology, leveraging years of research, feedback from industry experts, and the latest advancements in display technology to deliver an unparalleled virtual production experience.

Deep Black and Anti-Reflection Surface Technology: One of the key highlights of the VERONA series is the revolutionary Deep Black and Anti-Reflection Surface Technology, developed in collaboration with Brompton and Megapixel VR. This innovation allows deeper black-level expression while dramatically reducing contrast loss due to ambient light and adjacent LED panels. The result? A seamless blend of virtual and real elements on set, reducing the need for costly post-shooting adjustments.

Stunning Brightness and Color Gamut: The VERONA displays, empowered by Brompton’s Tessera LED processing solution and Megapixel VR, boast a remarkable brightness of 1,500 cd/m² and a wide color gamut covering over 97% of DCI-P3. This means virtual shooting locations appear incredibly realistic, enhancing the overall production quality.

A look at the rear of a Sony VERONA LED panel with status light.

High Refresh Rates: Brompton’s Tessera LED processing solution and Megapixel VR also play a vital role by ensuring high-performance LED drivers, enabling refresh rates of up to 7,680Hz. This provides a smooth visual experience without scanline artifacts, especially with high-speed cameras.

Recognizing the need for efficient setup and adaptability on virtual production sets, Sony, in collaboration with Brompton and Megapixel VR, has introduced a new 1:1 cabinet design for the VERONA series. These displays are designed with production crews in mind, featuring easy-grip handles, locating pins for precise alignment, and a tool-free lever-type locking mechanism. The displays can be used in curved, hanging, or stacking configurations, with reinforced frames supporting screens up to 23 feet tall.

Sony VERONA LED panels used to capture a driving sequence.

Bridging Realities

As virtual production expands its horizons, the VERONA series emerges as a pivotal player in this transformative journey. It seamlessly marries the physical and digital realms, offering creators a powerful tool to bring their visions to life with greater ease and authenticity.

Yosuke Nakano, General Manager of the LDS Product Planning Dept, Co-creation Strategy & Development Div. at Sony Corporation, shares his perspective: “The decision to select Tessera LED solutions for the Crystal LED panels is because we consider Brompton Technology to be a leader for LED video processors in the virtual production industry.”

Kevin O’Connor, Senior Director, Cinematic Production Solutions, Sony Electronics, emphasizes Sony’s unique position in the virtual production ecosystem: “As virtual production expands, Sony is uniquely positioned to provide an ecosystem of solutions – from our VENICE digital cinema cameras and Crystal LED displays – to the workflows, and expertise creatives require.”

Stay tuned for the VERONA debut at IBC in Amsterdam, scheduled for September 15-18, 2023. This cutting-edge technology, driven by the collaboration between Sony, Brompton, and Megapixel VR, is expected to become available in Spring 2024, opening up new dimensions for virtual production.

A look at the front of a Sony VERONA LED panel.

In a world where imagination knows no bounds, VERONA Crystal LED displays, with the options of Brompton and Megapixel VR at their core, pave the way for limitless creativity and innovation.

Sony’s VERONA Crystal LED Displays

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