Move One App Transforms Motion Capture with Just Your iPhone

Welcome to the future of 3D animation—a world where the line between the physical and digital realms blurs seamlessly. Move AI has pushed the boundaries of technology with the release of Move One, a single-camera motion capture app redefining the animators’ toolkit. With patented artificial intelligence and computer vision software, Move One can capture motion in any environment without suits or markers. 

The Move One app for iPhone.

The Dawn of a New Era in Animation

After a 12-week beta testing phase, Move One is now available to the creative masses, marking a monumental shift in 3D animation technology. With the power to capture high-fidelity human motion data using only an iPhone, Move One is set to become a staple for creators worldwide.

Move One works in landscape mode as well as portrait.

The Power of Single-Camera Motion Capture

Move One’s ingenuity lies in its simplicity. Compatible with any iPhone 8 or newer, the app offers:

  • Single-person motion capture with unparalleled ease.
  • Fluid 60fps FHD markerless motion capture—goodbye to cumbersome suits and studios.
  • Versatility with both portrait and landscape mode shooting options.
  • The ability to export motion data in universally accepted formats like FBX and USD.

To streamline the workflow further, the ‘Move One Downloader’ Google Chrome extension is a game-changer. It allows users to download animation files directly from their web browser.

Move One Launch Video on YouTube

A Subscription to Unleash Creativity

Move AI is not just about advanced tools; it’s about accessibility. With tiered subscriptions that include a free trial, Move One is democratizing the world of 3D animation. Beginners can test the waters with 30 free credits, while professional animators can dive deep into creation with the Starter Plan, which costs $15/user/month for 300 credits. A credit is worth one person animated for one second with HD video footage at 60fps.

Takes can be previewed and selected for processing.

The Genesis of Move One

At its core, Move AI stands as a beacon of innovation. With a foundation built on applied AI, mathematics, physics, and biomechanics, the company, led by visionaries like Dr. Nikos Zikos, VP of Science, continually engages with the creator community. Move One is the fruition of this symbiosis—a direct response to the clamor for a single-camera motion capture solution.

“Move One is the result of engaging deeply with the animator and creator community and directly addressing their needs.”

Dr. Nikos Zikos, VP of Science at Move AI.
Previewing AI-created motion on the Move One App.

More Than an App—A Comprehensive Product Line

Move One is the latest addition to Move AI’s array of products, which includes the Move Single-Camera API and Move Multi-Cam, as well as the Invisible real-time mocap solution in partnership with disguise. Each product is a testament to Move’s commitment to breaking down barriers in motion capture technology.

About Move AI

With a mission to simplify the creation of mocap, Move AI empowers animators and creators to capture human movement with ease. Move AI’s patented software is a conduit between the real and the animated, leveraging AI, computer vision, and a deep understanding of biomechanics and physics to bring human motion into the digital age.

Using Move One in portrait mode.

Step into the World of Effortless Animation

Move One is not just an app; it’s a revolution neatly packaged into the palm of your hand. Available now on the App Store, it invites you to enter the realm of boundless creativity. Visit Move AI to learn more and join the movement transforming human expression into digital artistry.

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