Dive Into the World of Virtual Production with disguise’s Free Online Course


The world of virtual production is evolving rapidly. Disguise has just rolled out a great resource for creatives eager to sharpen their skills and dive deeper into this realm. Their newly launched course, “Virtual Production Workflows,” is now free on disguise Learn, providing a comprehensive learning experience for anyone interested in the field.

The main disguise volume on the VP Accelerator course.

A Backdrop of Expertise

Disguise has been at the forefront of virtual production for over two decades, powering virtual stages for major productions on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime and broadcasts for ITV and TUDN. The expertise garnered over these years has been poured into creating this course, ensuring that participants learn from the business’s best.

A shoot with disguise in an XR Studio.

Course Breakdown

The “Virtual Production Workflows” course is designed to cover all aspects of virtual production, spread across nine detailed modules.

The core curriculum for disguise learn.

Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect:

1. Virtual Production Primer: Understand the distinctions between VP and xR and delve into the essential components of professional virtual production.

2. Volume Design: Learn the art of designing your volume, selecting suitable cameras, sensors, lenses, and mastering HDRI techniques.

3. Stage Setup for Virtual Production: Get hands-on with disguise’s Designer software, learning to configure virtual production stages, integrate LED models, and set up cameras.

4. Virtual Production Stage Calibrations: Uncover calibration best practices to ensure your virtual production setup is top-notch.

5. Color Management: A deep dive into color management within virtual production, with practical applications across various software, including Notch, Adobe, Davinci Resolve, and more.

6. Mapping Types for Virtual Production: Explore various mapping types, Direct, Parallel, Feed, and Spherical Mappings, alongside advanced methods like MRSet and Mesh Mapping.

7. Advanced Content Workflows: Dive into cutting-edge content programming techniques, understanding camera positioning, perspective mapping, and 360 workflows.

8. RenderStream: Learn to use disguise’s RenderStream infrastructure, connecting your physical stage seamlessly with your virtual set.

9. Data Management for Virtual Production: Master the art of content management, ensuring efficient storage and retrieval to streamline your virtual production workflows.

A member of the brain bar on the VP Accelerator.

Next Steps After Completion

Upon completing the course, participants will be awarded an online certificate showcasing their newly acquired skills in virtual production. And for those seeking hands-on experience in a volume, disguise also offers the on-set Virtual Production Accelerator learning experience, available in key locations including LA, New York, the UK, and Barcelona.

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A Word from the Expert

Alex Lapthorne, Global Head of Training at disguise, highlighting the value of this course, says, “Anyone using disguise that wants to take their virtual production skills to the next level should look no further than the Virtual Production Workflow plan. With just the click of a button, you can embark on a free learning experience to empower you to shine on your next virtual production project.”

The Disguise VP Accelerator program in action.

Get Started Today

Ready to elevate your virtual production skills? Access the “Virtual Production Workflows” course for free today on disguise. Learn and take your first step into a world of endless creative possibilities.

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