Impossible Objects Leverages Major Virtual Production for PIA Music Video

In the realm of virtual production, Impossible Objects has recently achieved a notable milestone with the release of their new music video, “Follow the Toad,” featuring PIA and Anymize and starring Abhay Deol. This project is an excellent case study of the effective use of virtual production techniques in a music video format.

The video was shot in one day, utilizing a relatively small stage and a 30 X 12 LED wall. This setup is a strong example of how virtual production is becoming more accessible, moving beyond the confines of large studio productions. The team’s ability to create an expansive medieval world within these constraints showcases the potential of this technology.

Points of Inspiration

Joe Sill, the co-founder of Impossible Objects, directed the video and was instrumental in crafting the environments. He drew inspiration from various sources, including Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings, and Dune. These influences are evident in the video’s production design and scenes.

The project’s technical backbone was Unreal Engine. A crucial aspect of their workflow was using the mini-LED wall during the live-action shoot, capturing everything in-camera. This approach ensured a seamless blend of the physical and virtual elements. Additionally, Sill utilized assets from Quixel and Big/Medium/Small and employed the iPhone app RealityCapture from Epic Games to scan the actors and create their digital doubles. This technique was particularly effective in the wide shots, which featured a blend of real actors and their digital counterparts.

Working with the Team

The collaboration began with PIA sharing her interests in music, art, movies, and video games with Joe Sill, discovering a shared vision for storytelling. This music video was not just about creating a visual accompaniment to a song but about delving into the depths of imagination and exploring new narrative possibilities.

This project’s appeal to the gaming community was notable, reflecting PIA’s background as a visual artist and storyteller. The involvement of Abhay Deol, a celebrated actor and friend of PIA, added a unique dimension to the video, marking his first foray into virtual production.

About Impossible Objects

Founded in 2019 by Joe Sill and Jerad Anderson, Impossible Objects is a collective of artists and engineers. They merge physical and digital elements to create commercial projects and original intellectual properties. Their expertise spans CG visualization, animation, real-time performance capture, and navigating both green screen and LED volume technologies. Their work is carving out a niche in the growing field of virtual production.

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