Virtual Production for ‘Ted’ TV Series with ViewScreen Studio

ViewScreen’s Role in ‘Ted’

Fuzzy Door Tech, the technology division of Seth MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door, offers an in-depth look into their latest venture—the production of the new Ted television series, premiering on Peacock on January 11th. This series marks a pioneering moment in television history, being the first to feature an animated lead character, Ted, filmed in real-time alongside human actors. The key to this production lies in the utilization of ViewScreen technology.

Impact of ViewScreen on Production
The integration of ViewScreen technology in Ted’s production significantly improved how the crew visualized and interacted with the animated character. Faith Sedlin, President of Fuzzy Door Tech, described the impact, stating, “ViewScreen Studio was critical for planning shots and how the team approached filming. It allowed them to visualize the digital asset in real-time and treat Ted like any other actor or live-action element. ViewScreen transformed the creative process by removing the guesswork, resulting in a faster turnaround time.”

Making Digital Assets Tangible
ViewScreen’s ability to render digital assets tangible in a live filming environment was a game-changer. It enhanced the crew’s understanding of each scene, ensuring quicker and more effective shot captures. Brandon Fayette, Chief Product Officer of Fuzzy Door Tech, highlighted the challenges of traditional VFX filming and the advantages of ViewScreen, saying, “Filming with VFX components can be challenging because an essential part of the scene is left to the crew’s imagination. On Ted, using ViewScreen meant that everyone could see the composited scene, including the digital bear, in video village in real-time.”

Enhanced Directing and Acting with ViewScreen
A remarkable aspect of ViewScreen’s application was its facilitation of MacFarlane’s dual role as director and actor. ViewScreen enabled a more fluid and unencumbered performance, unlike traditional motion capture methods. MacFarlane shared his experience, “We did the motion capture work in real-time on set, which we did on the films as well, but it’s now a lot easier with ViewScreen Studio. You can do motion capture work without having to wear a large MoCap suit all day, which can be distracting and inhibiting when you’re also trying to act and direct.”

Overview of ViewScreen Technology
ViewScreen Studio is part of the ViewScreen family of production visualization tools. Designed for full-scale productions, it allows filmmakers to animate and visualize entire scenes, including digital assets, in real-time. This suite of tools, including the ViewScreen Scout app, demonstrates Fuzzy Door Tech’s commitment to redefining storytelling in film and television production through innovative technology.

The ‘Ted’ Series Background
The Ted series is a comedic prequel to the popular TED and TED 2 films. Set in 1993, it follows Ted, the bear whose fame has waned, living with his 16-year-old best friend, John Bennett, in a working-class Boston home. The series explores their unique friendship and Ted’s influence on John and his family.

About Fuzzy Door Tech
Established in 2019, Fuzzy Door Tech, under Seth MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door banner, focuses on redefining storytelling in film and television with their patented augmented reality ProVis tools. These solutions are designed to integrate VFX and live action in real-time, enhancing creativity and efficiency in the entertainment industry from pre-production to post-production.

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