Vū’s Incredible Year of Virtual Production

The State of 2022

had an explosive year of virtual production growth in 2022 and decided to make a video sharing some of their highlights to close out the season. If you haven’t heard of this team already, here’s a quick refresher:

A Vū Studios workshop in progress.

Vū is a state-of-the-art virtual studio network with stages certified for virtual production across North America led by CEO Tim Moore. Vū provides unlimited creative capabilities to corporate clients, ad agencies, and film producers. Their studios can visualize anything from Emmy award-winning commercials, corporate live streams and events, concerts, parties, long-format films, and episodics.

Vū Studios Nashville in production.

Vū’s Achievements in 2022

Vū’s 2022 Review Video

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the achievements Vū made in 2022:

  • 2022 Was Virtually Unforgettable
  • Together, We Shot Virtually in over 500 Unique Environments
  • Saving Over 10,000 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions
  • We launched
  • Vū Nashville (March 22)
  • Vū Las Vegas (April ‘22 )
  • Vū Orlando (August ‘22)
  • And Grew the Vū Network (over 15 total studios now)
  • We Turned 1
  • And Doubled our Team (over 60 employees)
  • We got a front-row seat to Amazing Artists (from Carrie Underwood to 21 Pilots to Bad Bunny)
  • And Hung Out with Our Favorite Actors (Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, and others)
  • We Were Inspired by the Next Generation of Storytellers
  • And Created Resources for the Leaders of Tomorrow
  • We donated $2,000,000 of our technology to education.
  • Hosted 15 Hands-On Virtual Production Workshops
  • And we produced Educational Content so anyone can learn about virtual production.
  • We Partnered with Epic/Sony/Puget/Abelcine/Aputure/RED/Nvidia/SMPTE/NAB/Vimeo
  • To create the future of storytelling.
  • We Hosted 110 Productions
  • And Were Trusted by the World’s Leading Brands (brands like Disney, ESPN, Apple, Amazon, WWE, CVS, John Deere, Mercedes, NBC/Universal, and KIA)
  • The best part?
  • We’re just getting started.
  • Thank you for helping power the future of creativity!
Vū Studios Orlando hosts a talk show style production.

Executive Summary

“2022 was a monumental year for Vū, and thanks to our team’s hard work and dedication, we’ve made great progress toward our goals,” says Tim Moore, CEO. “With 16 Virtual Production studios constructed to date, and the opening of 4 new corporate-owned studios this year, we are one step closer to empowering the world to create content at the speed of thought.”

Filming automotive action at Vū Studios Nashville.

Congratulations to the Vū team for a great year, and here’s to more growth and success in 2023! To learn more about Vū, please visit https://www.vu.network/.

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