The ROE Obsidian panels for virtual production.

Virtual Production at NAB 2024

Adobe previewed new generative AI video capabilities destined for Premiere Pro. In addition to the Firefly image manipulation tools already present in Photoshop, Adobe showed the ability to plugin external image generators. Runway, Pika Labs and Sora were among the solutions shown running directly within Premiere. 

Adobe Premiere Pro now with generative AI engines.

Aximmetry presented a live, tracked virtual studio and AR demo with a greenscreen. The demo leveraged the company’s new 3D clean plate feature to achieve advanced keying results.

Aximmetry’s Unreal integration shows a virtual set with live keying.

Brainstorm showcased an elections demo with InfinitySet using Unreal Engine 5 and NVIDIA RTX 6000 ADA graphics. Features such as multiple scenes, talent tele-transport and AR graphics, including a transparent touchscreen, allow for displaying in-context 3D graphics. The system provides additional control by the presenters, which makes complex shows more interactive and talent-friendly.

The Brainstorm team shows off an AR set optimized for talent control.

Brompton Technology unveiled the 8K Tessera SQ200 processor. This delivers the same core features and is backward-compatible with existing Brompton-powered LED panels. The SQ2000 supports 8K and 4x4K workflows with native support for AV-over-IP protocols such as SMPTE ST2110 and IPMX. Brompton also introduced the Panel Manufacturer Partner Program with its first Diamond Parter, founding member and longtime collaborator Roe Visual. 

Brompton’s SQ2000 processor is state of the art.

Disguise was everywhere at NAB 2024, and previewed the latest version of its Porta broadcast controller. Porta enables control over Unreal Engine graphics and LED studios through a single user interface. With the newest update, Porta functions on-prem or via the cloud. 

Disguise Porta in action.

MoSys showed off MoCaptury, its real-time motion capture solution. The system eliminates the need for special suits and markers and sets up and calibrates in minutes. MoCaptury overcomes typical issues around shared mocap suits and streamlines the workflow, maximizing talent time and unlocking creative freedom.

MoSys MoCaptury real-time motion capture in action.

OptiTrack showcased a new generation of PrimeX mocap cameras. The PrimeX 120, PrimeX 120W, and SlimX 120 cameras represent OptiTrack’s highest resolution and most advanced cameras yet. OptiTrack also showed the latest version of Motive, its low-latency performance capture software. 

OptiTrack’s latest motion capture cameras.

Pixotope offered a journalist-driven, automated broadcast pipeline for Newsroom Computer System users. The solution comprises an MOS gateway, an HTML 5 journalist plugin, and full control over the show’s playlist. Pixotope’s demonstration included an end-to-end workflow with the OpenMedia newsroom system.

Pixotope’s advanced AR newsroom solution in action.

ROE Visual launched Obsidian, a brand-new LED panel designed for virtual production and in-camera VFX. Features include an absolute, non-reflective nature, a deep black mask, and adaptability. The panel’s unique design allows for the creation of access points within a volume, enabling room for lighting fixtures, other equipment or props.

The ROE Obsidian panels for virtual production.

Sony showcased its Crystal LED VERONA LED panels, which were purpose-built for virtual production. VERONA is available in 1.56 and 2.31 mm pixel densities and offers compatibility with either Brompton or Megapixel processors. The panels work with Sony VENICE and its Camera and Display Plugin for Unreal Engine. 

Sony VERONA panels with a piece of the Europa set.

SwitchLight offered a peek into the future of virtual production enhanced with artificial intelligence. SwitchLight is able to analyze the lighting of a clip shot with no special equipment and then relight it using an HDRI environment for reference. Although SwitchLight is aimed at mobile content creators, it’s not hard to imagine how this technology might find its way into more professional workflows soon. Check out Fxguide’s full overview here. 

SwitchLight AI

VIVE announced updates to Mars, its accessible suite of virtual production tools. Mars Remote Control enables monitoring and control of Mars from any web browser. VIVE Mars FIZTrack is now compatible with SmallRig’s Wireless Handwheel Controller, transforming FIZTrack into a follow focus and a lens encoder.

VIVE Mars FIZTrack controller.

showcased the artificial intelligence capabilities of its Vū One solution. Using natural language processing and a responsive AI Art generator, creates real-time images that fit any screen and size for instant display.

Vu AI and Vu One in action.

Zero Density, a provider of integrated virtual production and real-time motion graphics solutions, announced its new render engine: EVO II. The engine promises rendering power, high performance and reliability in real-time virtual production environments.

Zero Density’s EVOII engine.

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