Planet X Pioneers On-Set VFX Data Management

Planet X Technologies announced it’s releasing the latest version of Setellite, the most widely used on-set VFX organization, collaboration, and productivity solution for the reporting and sharing of film, television, games, and commercial data. The company is also introducing a new subscription pricing model that allows Setellite users to collaborate better within teams and studios, enhanced security options, and a completely redesigned website to boost workflow productivity.

Setellite – Full Demo Video from Setellite on Vimeo.

The Setellite platform is built around creating digital forms linked to the system of slates and takes routinely used on film and television production sets worldwide and in post-production afterward. Using Setellite, VFX data wranglers and VFX supervisors benefit from a superior end-to-end, cloud-based workflow targeted to managing critical on-set visual effects data, including camera and lens information, contextual references such as light placement, weather, location, movement of talent in a shot, take, plate, and other film-related details.

New Cloud-based Subscription Service 
Now, with the introduction of the new cloud-based Setellite subscription service, Planet X Technologies is delivering enhanced functionality to better meet the needs of the wide variety of Setellite users – from professionals working solo on a television show to large studio film projects that require a team of VFX data wranglers to cover a multi-unit production.

Dennis Kleyn, CEO of Planet X Technologies, explains the Setellite subscription service initiative reflects a strategic focus, allowing the company to quickly develop and provide members immediate access to the latest features and the most up-to-date technology that will be added regularly to the platform’s expanding library of time-saving resources.

“Our mission at Planet X is to provide VFX wranglers with the most comprehensive, end-to-end productivity platform for on-set data collection and organization,” says Kleyn. “As steady demand for original entertainment content continues to rise, we are thrilled to see Setellite’s spectacular momentum with VFX professionals around the globe. Our new subscription model builds on our collective years of experience as professional VFX artists, educators, and developers to better serve our customers with the most up-to-date features to maximize workflow collaboration, speed, and efficiency.”

John Mangia, VFX Supervisor on the Paramount+ series, “The Offer,” explains, “I like that Setellite is cross-platform and as easy to access on my iPad as it is on the website. Episodic TV sets move very rapidly. The ability to quickly populate fields with preset data and duplicate slates saves us a lot of time as we record all the data quickly and accurately for multiple cameras during a scene.”

Redesigned Website Boosts Productivity 
Alongside the new Setellite subscription model, Planet X Technologies is launching a redesigned Web Client. The site uses the latest Web UI techniques for a more intuitive interface to maximize users’ VFX data collection experience.

“We are committed to the Setellite community of data wranglers working on the world’s most demanding productions to develop ongoing solutions to the platform that will add value to their professional needs,” adds Donald Roos, Lead Designer, Planet X Technologies. “Our refreshed website features a modern design and improved graphic user interface that is easy to navigate and access information and makes the user experience as simple as possible.”

Setellite Under-the-Hood 
Powerful workflow enhancements and refinements have been added to Setellite that offer users significant feature upgrades and organization benefits. Highlights include: 

  • Real-time collaboration — between Setellite users working on the same project on the iPad and Web platform offers streamlined communication capabilities. Real-time syncing, built into Setellite, allows anyone logged into a project to see data live with no additional tools required.
  • Intelligent duplication — ‘smart’ workflows help reduce the repetition of data entry that remains similar throughout the shooting day.
  • Customized presets — gives users the flexibility to extend and manage the rich built-in Setellite library with customized presets such as cameras and lenses to speed up the data collection process as the crew moves from setup to setup.
  • Powerful reporting — export collected data to key production stakeholders live from the set to the cloud as reports in common formats (PDF, CSV, JSON) and to production tracking software such as Autodesk ShotGrid; also doubles as a form of backup for iPad customers.
  • References and context — offer users added functionality to use the extensive reference options in Setellite to add pictures, movies, and drawings to each slate.

Pricing and Availability 
Starting today, the new Setellite subscription service is offered for Pro, Team, and Studio users. Enterprise subscriptions, designed for larger clients who require tailor-made solutions, as well as discounted Education and Support service plans, are also available.

Additional Setellite subscription pricing and membership details are available here.

About Setellite 
Released in 2012, Setellite is the industry-standard platform for on-set VFX data organization. Created by VFX professionals, Setellite offers VFX data wranglers, VFX supervisors, and production crews extensive productivity and real-time collaborative project sharing features to quickly and efficiently collect critical on-set shot data that can be easily modified and shared with key stakeholders during (or after) production.

Today, the intuitive Setellite workflow is used extensively daily by a loyal community of VFX freelancers and studio teams around the globe working for clients such as Netflix, Apple TV+, Paramount+, HBO Max, Amazon Studios, AMC, Warner Bros., and many others. Notable film and television productions that have relied on the Setellite workflow include “Nightmare Alley,” “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” “The Shape of Water,” “Sicario,” “For All Mankind,” “The Queen’s Gambit,” “Foundation,” and “The Offer.”

Setellite is developed in Amsterdam by the talented teams at Planet X Technologies in partnership with Unwind Creative Technology. Additional information on Setellite products is available here.

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