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Welcome to Lightspeed LA, the first U.S.-based, AAA game development studio for Tencent Games. Lightspeed LA is focused on building open-world games that emphasize an ambitious living world, sophisticated player-driven gameplay, and mature, thoughtful storytelling. We are developing the first in a series of genre-defining titles.

Why join Lightspeed LA?

For us, it’s not only about the exciting, new AAA open world game we’re developing but also about team values and studio culture. We foster an open and transparent environment where everyone feels comfortable providing constructive feedback about all aspects of our games.

We encourage the showing of work that’s still in progress.
We don’t attack or question unfinished work, we celebrate its promise.
We have a No Blame Culture where we blame the problem, not the person.
This is a safe place to fail, and we don’t view failure as a negative, but as the natural result of pushing boundaries and trying new things. We create together. We face challenges together. We succeed together.

About this position at Lightspeed LA

This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced and passionate Motion Capture Technician to join our in-house team and help create world-class performance capture on a new and exciting open-world AAA game. We are seeking someone who will bring passion to the role, collaborating closely with the motion capture and other disciplinary teams, to help create outstanding performances. Below is an outline of responsibilities and some of the qualities we look for in the ideal teammate.



Lead the entire production process, including preparation, setup, operation, and maintenance of motion capture systems and associated hardware.
Take responsibility for the maintenance, operation, and troubleshooting of various motion capture systems, including optical (Vicon), face capture and Realtime operations.
Lead the integration of facial capture helmet-mounted camera systems and operations.
Set up and operate real-time animation retargeting using industry-standard software like Motion Builder or game engines such as Unreal.
Track and clean motion capture animation assets to ensure high-quality results.
Skillfully capture cinematic animation sequences involving characters, props, and virtual cameras.
Collaborate with animation leads and directors to develop motion capture visual targets.
Assist with development of proprietary tools, pipelines, new technologies, and processes.
Provide support for performer motion capture wardrobe fitting and marker application.
Assist with prop and set builds and strikes.
Accurately document workflows and pipelines to maintain a comprehensive knowledge base.
Contribute to post-mortems, provide constructive feedback, and actively participate in improving the motion capture process and data output
Minimum5 years of experience in motion capture operations related to video games, television, film or other related industry
Familiarity with industry-standard processes, protocols, and best practices related to motion capture, animation, and visual effects.
8 years proficiency in working with industry-leading motion capture software, including Vicon Shogun, Xsens, Motion Builder, Unreal Engine, and/or other relevant tools.
Understanding of virtual cameras and virtual production techniques
Understand cinematic language and camera terminology
Knowledge of timecode, A/V, BlackMagic, Teradeks and/or other similar hardware
Ability to stream live performance into game engine and/or motion builder
Willingness to learn new technologies, adapt to proprietary animation pipelines, and stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in motion capture.
Ability to troubleshoot technical issues, think critically, and find solutions efficiently during motion capture sessions.
Ability to work effectively as part of a team, collaborate with animation leads and directors, and communicate clearly and concisely with performers and other production personnel.
Ability to track, clean, and process motion capture data to ensure high-quality results, including the use of software like Motion Builder or Unreal Engine.
Experience in operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting motion capture hardware, including cameras, suits, markers, facial capture systems, timecode and video equipment.
Comfortability with workshop tools and building props and sets.
Proven ability to work efficiently and deliver high-quality results within tight deadlines.
Proficiency in programming languages (such as python or c++) and custom script development for motion capture pipelines is a plus.
Believe in collaboration, integrity, creativity and proactivity.


Location State(s)


The base pay range for this position in the state(s) above is $66,000 to $132,200 per year. Actual pay is based on market location and may vary depending on job-related knowledge, skills, and experience. A sign on payment, relocation package, and restricted stock units may be provided as part of the compensation package, as well as other medical, financial, and/or other benefits, dependent on the specific position offered.

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