【Virtual Production】Unreal Engine Technical Specialist

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Primary Responsibilities
・Building a virtual production workflow with Unreal Engine.
・Asset optimization for real-time use of photoreal 3D backgrounds, visual scripting with blueprints, level design.

Skills and Experience
・Senior level or equivalent experience/4 years or more experience in the video industry.
・Welcome skills: knowledge and experience in programming languages ​​such as Python and C ++; experience with real-time software other than Unreal Engine.

How to Apply
Please email the documents to be submitted in (a), (b)  to the address below.
We will inform you of the outcome of the resume submission process regardless of the result.

(A) Resume
Please enter the phone number and email address that we can contact.

(B) Work history

E-mail: saiyou_vp@toei.co.jp


* Work hours are super flex.
* More international work environment and work hours unlike the usual productions in Japan.


To apply for this job email your details to saiyou_vp@toei.co.jp