Techvis Artist

The Third Floor

THE THIRD FLOOR is the world’s leading visualization company with offices in Los Angeles and London as well as on location with productions around the world. Since 2004, the studio has helped clients visualize and maximize content by producing computer-animated blueprints, known as “previsualizations”. The Third Floor is a fun, creative company founded by artists, for artists. We work on extremely high-profile projects, while maintaining a small studio culture. The company has won multiple Emmy and VES awards for its work. Clients include Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Universal, and more.

<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>The Third Floor Los Angeles is looking for an experienced Techvis Artist. The person will be responsible for creating schematic diagrams and simulation videos that reveal how each shot can be accomplished. You will be responsible for helping answer questions like – How fast does the camera have to travel and how high? How large of a green screen is required and where should it be positioned? What will the light be like at our location at the exact time we plan to shoot?

Project Based. Full Time. Hybrid Position. Must be in the state of California, Georgia, Texas, Oregon, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York (Outside NYC), Colorado, Washington, or Canada for remote positions.

<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Responsibilities:

<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Able to generate technical diagrams & Quicktime’s that demonstrate complex technical issues and requirements in a clear and concise manner
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>To support technically challenging productions with on-set team/clients
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Work with the Virtual Production and Previs Supervisors to ensure a smooth transition from previs to shoot on set
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Work with Previs to ensure that they adhere to the technical requirements of the project
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Communicate technical needs to Heads of Departments on shows ie. Art Dept, Camera, Stunts, SFX and VFX
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Maintain high consistent standard of quality and speed
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Essential Skills:

<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Strong communication and problem solving skills
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Proven techvis and/or technical planning experience
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Excellent knowledge of Maya
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>3D Tracking experience, Boujou, PF Track, 3D Equaliser
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>2D Compositing experience, After Effects or Nuke
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Technical understanding of cameras – film back, aperture, shutter, FOV etc – and camera rigs and cranes
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Working knowledge of the roles of various departments on set (Camera, Art Dept, Grips, Gaffers, SFX, Stunts, video assist)
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Working knowledge of equipment used on set
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Desired Additional Skills:

<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Feature Film On-set experience
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Experience with Motion Control solutions such as Technodolly, Bolt, etc
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>Able to setup and drive motion control camera/motion base shoots and techvis
<span “:=”” 10.0pt”=””>An Interest in Photography & Film making
The pay scale is between $20 – $70 / hour based on experience, skillset and other factors. We work an average of 5 hours of paid overtime a week. Additional TTF benefits: Health Insurance (Medical, Dental, Vision), Sick Time, 401k (staff only), PTO (staff only), and additional Perks & Benefits.

U.S. & Canada Applicants only: TTF participates in E-Verify and we will provide the Social Security Administration (SSA) and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with information from each new employee’s Form I-9 to confirm work authorization. All documents provided for proof of work authorization must be current and unexpired. We cannot accept expired proof of identity.

IMPORTANT: If the Government cannot confirm that you are authorized to work, TTF is required to give you written instructions and an opportunity to contact DHS and/or the SSA before taking adverse action against you, including terminating your employment.

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