Camera HW & SW Prototyping Engineer – Apple Vision Pro

Apple Inc.


5+ years experience leading or contributing to the development of the technology to support professional or high reliability AR/XR/3D or 2D capture systems.
Experience working with professional camera systems (Sony, ARRI, IMAX, RED, etc.).
Hands-on experience implementing HW designs and programming with FPGA devices. (Xilinx, Vivido, etc.)
Experience delivering mechanical and/or industrial design CAD models from PoC to FATP using Solidworks, Inventor, NX, etc.
Experience designing multilayer PCB’s employing data protocols like UART, SPI, I2C using Allegro, Altium, Eagle, etc.
Experience programming in C/C++ & scripting languages like Perl/Python.
Knowledge of image processing using OpenCV.
Deep knowledge of low voltage DC-DC power systems and noise suppression and filtering techniques.
Experience controlling and implementing high repeatability servos, geared motor and drivers.
Experience working in theatrical or live production environments.


The Jr Camera HW & SW Prototyping Engineers “normal day at the office” will include researching, presenting and negotiating technical approaches with cross functional stakeholders, then developing the CAD models and EE schematics for those ideas to be manufactured using Apples world class rapid prototyping and manufacturing capabilities. The Engineer will work with production engineering and maintenance staff to test and validate prototypes and production units in real world scenarios. In addition to working on new designs, the Engineer will be the point person for running root cause analysis and troubleshooting issues production crews discover in the field.


– Prior experience working with and designing for non-standard types of photography or cinematography such as underwater, aerial, extreme conditions, and virtual production.
– Familiarity with typical video and audio recording formats commonly found in the cinematic or live broadcast industry. (RAW, ProRes, EXR, BWF, etc.)
– Familiarity with video transport protocols like SMPTE-2110 or SDI.
– Familiarity with production equipment and maintenance tasks typically found in cinematic or live broadcast environments.
– Able to read and draw wiring harness and pinout schematics.
– Able to solider IC’s and other small components, by hand.
– Working knowledge of media production and workflow tools such as Adobe Premiere, BlackMagic Resolve, ColorFront (OSD), ShotGrid/ShotGun, Perforce, Unity, Unreal, etc.
– Experience using standard organization and communication tools. (Jira, Confluence, Keynote, PowerPoint, Omnigraffle, Vizio, Word, etc.)
– Experience with EMI, RF, vibration, drop and thermal evaluation test processes and tools.

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